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True to form, released murderer reoffends

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There is no doubt that the justice system in Canada is fundamentally flawed.  But every now and again, a case that perfectly illustrates the fact comes to light.

And so it is with a story out of Winnipeg about the exploits of an utter waste of skin named Martin Junior Hayden who for 32 years has been a boil on the butt of  society.

In July 2000 Hayden and two other equally talented knobs attacked 33-year-old George Terrence Monias.  They invaded his home, beat him with fire extinguishers and one of the idiots, Valentino Ben Harper, dropped a fifty-pound  (20 kg) television on Monias’ head as he lay supine.

Needless to say, Monias died as a result of the attack.  In the first demonstration of a justice system gone wrong, Hayden was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter.  He was given a mere eight years in prison. That was the second demonstration of how badly the system is broken.

The killing of Monias was planned and deliberate and those involved should have been charged and convicted of first degree murder.  The sentence then would have been life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

But no, this is Canada and we must give every opportunity to thugs. 

So, after serving two-thirds of his sentence, Hayden was released.  And, being the thug that he is, it only took a matter of a few days before he very nearly killed someone else and evidently, for no apparent reason. 

At three o’clock in the morning Hayden confronted a 34-year-old man walking down a Winnipeg street with a woman.  Hayden and his fellow traveler that night, Michael James Butson, a 31-year-old waste of good oxygen, began assaulting the man and when the woman tried to intervene to stop the attack, she was beaten too.

The male victim was rushed to hospital and luckily for all involved, they saved his life.  Unluckily for Hayden and Butson, they were promptly tracked down and arrested by Winnipeg police.  They spent the weekend at Winnipeg Remand.

Unfortunately they won’t be there for long I’d wager.  Despite everything, there is little doubt they will get bail pending their trial.  You see, in this demented Dominion it is very hard to go to jail.  And even when you do go there, Corrections Canada does their level best to ensure you get out as quick as possible.

Leo Knight

Written by Leo Knight

July 7, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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