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A Tempest in a Teapot

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What’s with all the controversy about the “Own the Podium” initiative by the federal government? I mean, really, what’s the problem?

The feds kicked in 118 million of our hard-earned dollars in an effort to make our athletes at the Vancouver Winter Olympics more competitive. And the Olympians have done just that. As I write this, we have the same number of gold medals as the USA, a country ten times the size of Canada. Why the self-loathing and criticism?

Frankly, I don’t get it. It isn’t good enough just to compete despite the pablum served up to our kids in what passes for an education system in this country. Our kids are taught the very opposite of what they will experience in life by the panty-waisted, Casper Milquetoasts who control our education system.

In the real world everyone has to compete for everything. You compete for a job. You compete for new business. You compete to survive in a world full of sharks. Why would we teach our children that it is simply good enough just to show up? That’s not the world we live in.

The “Own the Podium” initiative is simply funding our athletes to make them more competitive in an extremely competitive world. It isn’t to be taken literally as some pundits have suggested. Clearly we could not shut out Winter Games powerhouses like the USA, Germany and Austria. But, we can certainly punch above our weight and that is just what “Own the Podium” is all about.

Vancouver has been a remarkable host to these Olympic Games. Despite the efforts of twits like the Olympic Resistance Network and the Black Blocheads, the throngs of people downtown have unleashed a sense of patriotism I have never seen before and have long wondered if it existed.

And, without meaning to digress, has anyone heard from Alissa Westergard Thorpe lately? she was ubiquitous in the run up to the Games and since the demonstrative stupidity of the Black Blocheads seems to have disappeared up her own rectal canal. Well, that’s fair enough I suppose. Despite all the media attention she is given, the next time she says anything intelligent publicly will be the first time.

At any rate, Vancouver has done a marvelous job of hosting these Games and our athletes have inspired a nation. The fact that the government has supported our athletes should elicit applause not criticism whatever they call the program. -Leo Knight

Written by Leo Knight

February 25, 2010 at 9:54 pm

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Olympic spirit

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Last Saturday the uninformed and ill-advised held protests whining about the Winter Olympics in downtown Vancouver. Mixed in with the marchers were members of the so-called Black Bloc. Hooded and masked, these cowards broke away from the protest to smash windows in the Bay and TD centre. They also smashed car windows and terrified visitors to the city.

I was absolutely disgusted as were most Vancouverites.

The police arrested 7 of these genetically disenfranchised losers and, I am pleased to see, a further 11 were arrested yesterday. And, if there were any vestige of a justice system in this country, they would be held in custody for the duration of the Games.

The reality is that most people in this city welcome the Olympic Games. The streets in the West End are teeming with people enjoying the various events. One only needs to look around at the high rise towers and see all the flags in windows and balconies, and not just the Maple Leaf, there are flags from the world over displayed.

The idiots, and I am being generous, were railing against the corporate games in particular and capitalism in general. Yesterday, I attended a hockey game at the renamed GM Place. When seated I couldn’t help but notice there was no advertising on the boards as there normally is for NHL games. And not only that, there was no corporate advertising in any of the usual places including the scoreboard and the tunnel entrances. None.

Sure, there is corporate sponsorship of the Games, they couldn’t exist without it. But it is a far cry from being obtrusive.
Walking around yesterday in the sunshine looking at the various exhibits was a treat. And thousands of people seemed to agree.

The Black Bloc-heads tried to hijack the Games and give Vancouver a black eye. Fortunately, common sense and the power of the Games won out. Let’s hope we have seen the last of them and get to enjoy the rest of the Games for all the right reasons. -Leo Knight

Written by Leo Knight

February 17, 2010 at 4:16 pm

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Protest stupidity!

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I’m sitting in a pub in Downtown Toronto watching the blatant stupidity on TV of the Olympic protesters trashing downtown Vancouver.

The VPD Crowd Control Unit has engaged. One hopes they make lots of arrests and these idiots are held in custody for the duration of the Games.


-Leo Knight

Written by Leo Knight

February 13, 2010 at 6:53 pm

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Mounties in no-win situation with Olympic protesters

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As I write this, I am sitting on a flight to the Centre of the Universe contemplating what tomorrow may bring in my home city of Vancouver as it “Welcomes the World” in the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Whatever concerns or complaints I have had with VANOC, I am a supporter of the Games and truly expect and hope that Vancouver will show itself to the world for the extraordinary place it is.

As the Games draw nearer, the rhetoric from the usual suspects of left-wing loonies ramps up.  The so-called Olympic Resistance Network is planning to try and disrupt the torch run into the Stadium and the Opening Ceremonies themselves.  They have said that any violence will be the fault of the police.

Stuff and nonsense of course.  But their bovine scatology has been duly reported by the mainstream media (MSM) with nary a critical analysis.

I mean, really! They are going to try and disrupt the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and the police are supposed to stand back and let them do their thing?  Give me a break.  There will be a clash if they try and do this.  That clash will be painted as the fault of the RCMP without a doubt. And it is obscene that the MSM will allow that.

Let’s be clear, the faces of this protest nonsense, Alissa Westergard-Thorpe and her albino cohort Garth Mullins, are loudmouth, attention seeking ideologues from as far in the left field as one can be without being in foul territory.  And this isn’t really about the Olympics or anything like that. Mullins and his sycophants actually believe that the likes of Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein are correct with their globalization and anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Mullins and Co., first came to a questionable prominence after the APEC conference of 1997 when they caused the fracas with the RCMP that for which, for some inexplicable reason, the Mounties are still being blamed.  For those of you that have forgotten or drank the MSM’s bathwater, the anarchists and anti-capitalists, represented by these two, attacked the RCMP lines ostensibly because they tried to “execute” a so-called citizen’s arrest warrant for then Indonesian President Suharto, one of the many leaders in Vancouver for the APEC conference.  Yes, the RCMP used pepper spray to stop the anarchists.  And that is just exactly what they were supposed to do.  Oddly enough, their alternative was to use batons and bullets since Tasers weren’t in wide-spread deployment back then.  But this logical argument gets lost in the noise of the left.

They knew full well their stage-managed attempt would be stopped by the police and they milked it for every drop of publicity and set the table for civil rights lawyer Cameron Ward to launch his political, er, sorry, legal career defending all manner of left-wing loons under the guise of protecting civil rights whilst bleating to a pliant media of the like-minded.

Westergard-Thorpe is described in the media as a student at UBC.  Well, she may well be, but she was described the same way post-APEC 13 years ago.  This may well be the longest degree to complete in history.  Or, she is just plain stupid, which, I suppose, is a reasonable argument considering the socialist tripe she continually spouts.

It remains to be seen what nonsense they will try tomorrow with the Torch Run and the Opening Ceremonies.  But, what is clear is that their attempt will not succeed in any manner in terms of disruption.  And they know this.  They know that their actions will be met by the police who will stop them from their ridiculous, stated aims.  And every arrest the police have to make, every punch they will be forced to throw or deployment of OC spray or tear gas utilized to defend the Olympic Games will be trumpeted in the MSM as another example of the police being out of control, and trouble in the RCMP and blah, blah, blah.

I hope the left-wing nut-cases like Mullins and Westergard-Thorpe are marginalized in their ridiculously stupid protests.  But I fear they won’t be.  The RCMP are in the sights of the MSM and I fear they will bear the brunt of the criticism regardless of the fact they will be simply trying to do their duty.

Wait for it.

Leo Knight

Written by Leo Knight

February 12, 2010 at 1:31 pm

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